Today, we live in this fast paced world where we want everything instantly.  Words are great but a picture is worth a thousand words.   Hence the birth of the infographic.  Infographics have become one of the best ways to effectively communicate information to a viewer in an extremely short time.  With the world becoming smaller and more competitive a person needs to stick out.  This is why it is important to market yourself with an infographic resume. Marketing yourself with infographics will get a recruiters attention, provide your data in a short time and make you more memorable. First, the infographic resume will grab a recruiter’s attention.  Unlike traditional resumes that rely on text, this type of resume provides a beautiful layout with a clean display of your credentials at a glance.  In a sea of black and white text a splash of color will definitely grab a person’s attention. Providing data at a glance is extremely important to recruiters.  Most recruiter want resumes that have been reduced to one page.  One solution is to shrink your text.  This is a bad decision.  When using images, you can easily explain complex data such as your skill set and experience.  Using an infographic also reduces the space needed to convey this information compared to the traditional resume style. Finally, you will be more memorable to an employer.  The number of applications a company will receive at any one time can be staggering.  An infographic resume provides your information at a glance allowing an employer to easily pick you out in a sea of resumes.   The resume will also display your creativity, your versatility and graphic abilities.  All of these factors will make you more memorable. Using an infographic resume is an important way to market yourself.  They are attention grabbing, will provide your skill set at a glance and make you more memorable.  Everyone wants information instantly, this includes job recruiters.  Give recruiters this satisfaction by submitting an infographic resume. For inspiration you can visit,  envatotuts+ .  This website has simple as well as complex infographic resume layouts.


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