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About Me

My goal is to meet your graphic design and website needs. I do this by building unique designs based on your content and vision. I also offer consultations, coding services and training.

I have worked as a freelance designer for 15 years. I have designed websites, logos, banners, photo manipulation and trained clients. I augment my education by attending additional courses and seminars to stay on trend.

Recently, time and opportunity has made it possible to pursue these endeavors. Based on your request, I will provide three concepts for the requested item. I will also provide up to 3 revisions for the selected design. The design will  be print and web ready.

Skills at a Glance
HTML & CSS 95%
JS 60%
UX/UI Design 85%
Adobe Suite CC
Dreamweaver 95%
Photoshop 95%
InDesign 94%
Character Animator 85%
Illustrator 95%
Acrobat 95%
After Effects 90%
Animate 85%
Captivate 85%
Premiere 80%
Audition 80%
XD 80%
Microsoft Office
Access 80%
Word 90%
PowerPoint 90%
Excel 85%
Publisher 90%
WordPress 95%
Joomla 80%
Sharepoint 80%
Contact Me
Phone: + 1 734 328 1719
Email: info@jennifer-leonard.com

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