Looking for a job can be a difficult experience. You want to be more than hired, you want to be in demand. In an earlier article, I wrote about creating an infographic resume to stand out. Combine an infographic resume, cover letter, networking with a portfolio and you not only increase your visibility but you will add value to your name/brand becoming a complete impressive package.

I myself have created a number of portfolios to become more marketable. I have created the traditional book, a website, and now a video to showcasing my work. Each aspect has its place however, I always reference my video. Why add a video portfolio? There are several reasons:

  1. Videos are sharable. Hiring managers and clients can share your portfolio instantly with other managers or potential clients without waiting. Bringing more hiring opportunities.
  2. Videos can do part of your networking for you. How many times have you been asked “Do you know a person who can create…” A video can help you be that go to person. Rest assured a great portfolio video will be shared and you will get calls.
  3. Videos are easy to understand. A portfolio video provides a summary of your work in all of its glory showing your versatility, this includes the ability to create the video itself.
  4. Videos drive decisions with a strong call to action. At the end of my video you will notice the call to action (CTA) CONTACT ME. Even if there is no position now, a strong CTA will prompt a person to contact you. You can then contact this client in the future for possible employment.
  5. Videos work well in the mobile market. Have you tried to read a pdf on the phone? Think about a busy client trying view your portfolio on your website. Not super difficulty but there will be scrolling. Now think of sending a video portfolio, one click and the client will see your showcase. Quick and easy.

Make yourself more marketable create a video portfolio.

If you need a graphic and web designer with skills that also include, photography, photo manipulation and restoration, branding and packaging, CONTACT ME. I am your person.