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Don't fear speaking
fear of speaking

You speak to a client. All is well, you feel confident that you have the job and then the dreaded sentence “Can you present your ideas to our committee”.  I am great in small group   situations, 5 people max, but any larger , I am nervous. There are four techniques I use diminish this fear presenting even though, I am still really usually very nervous. The four techniques I use to reduce stress are:

  • Organizing and planing ahead of time to reduce stress. This usually includes everything from planning my attire to the drive home. Just the idea of a plan reduces stress.
  • Practicing my presentation topic, keeping key points in mind to be able to get back on track when diverted;
  • Knowing my material so I will easily be able to answer any questions.
  • Finally, making sure you don’t ramble. Not being afraid of silence will allow your audience members to think about what was said and give you  a moment to breath and recover.

These simple techniques have helped me get through a number of nail biting presentations. I hope They will help you too.

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